Payroll and Employment Solutions in Greater China

HROne is the team to go for excellent customer service. They’re not like other vendors; you can be sure that the team at HROne will pick up the phone and answer all your questions, always. They’re professionals who understand the human side of human resources.
Elizabeth Jiayin Fan
We have been working with HROne for 2 years and we can confidently vouch for the accuracy and professionalism of their payroll services. Their attention to detail and quick response make HROne different from other HR service providers.
Xie Xiaoping
HR Manager, Shanghai General Motors
For the size of our organization in China, HROne gives us flexible, tailor made support. They understand that not all companies are the same, and that one pre-made solution doesn’t fit all. Other vendors that only deal with big companies don’t consider that medium enterprises need different types of services. HROne understands this and delivers.
Li Xiaobin
Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development, Jungheinrich (China)
HROne's team of HR professionals has helped us in numerous occasions with advice in how to best handle our internal auditing process and our employee relations. Each case we’ve had, they’ve helped us to handle it smoothly, including the communications with our teams outside of China. We’re happy to have HROne supporting our internal HR department.
Mr. Justin O'Jack
General Manager of Greater China, CIEE


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