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Benefits administration

With HROne Agency Solutions we handle all your HR procedures, including the administration of social benefits contributions made to the relevant Chinese authorities, personnel file management, and employment contract support.

Clients can choose to use HROne Agency in combination with our HROne Payroll Solutions or engage HROne Agency as a stand-alone service - providing your organization several benefits.

→ Why HROne for Your Benefits Administration Services:

◎  Relieving the burden of handling complex processes

◎  Streamlining your workflow and freeing up valuable in-house resources
◎  Managing employee-related risks and compliance
◎  Access to in-depth HR expertise to handle HR issues

◎  Leveraging relationship with broad network of government departments

→ HROne Benefits Administration Package:

◎  Social insurance and housing fund related process management for new hires and quit employees
◎  Open relevant accounts for fresh employees
◎  Monthly social insurance and housing fund calculation, deducting and contribution
◎  Annual social insurance (e.g., disability insurance) calculation and contribution
◎  Policy maintenance and updating
◎  Individual social insurance and housing fund application supporting
◎  Work-related-injury advisory

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