Payroll and Employment Solutions in Greater China

Chapter 1 Employment Formalities


招工Recruitment Formalities


退工Dismissal Formalities


登记备案手续的其他相关事项Other Relevant Issues Concerning Registration and Record Formalities

             相关事项Relevant Issues

             就业失业登记证National Employment Booklet

社会保险登记、变更、注销Registration, Alteration and Cancellation of the Enterprise’s Social Insurance Account


单位住房公积金的登记、变更、注销Registration, Alteration and Cancellation of the Enterprise’s Publicly Accumulated Housing Fund Account

Other Chapters:

Chapter 1. Employment Formalities 

Chapter 2. Employment Contract

Chapter 3. Standard of Remuneration

Chapter 4. Severance Payment

Chapter 5. Insurance and Benefits

Chapter 6. Working Hour System and Types of Leave

Chapter 7. Legal Responsibility and Dispute Settlement

Chapter 8. Other Forms of Employment

Chapter 9. Work Safety

Chapter 10. Employee Congress and Collective Contract

Chapter 11. Individual Income Tax 

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