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Chapter 6 Working Hour System and Types of Leave


标准工时Standard Working Hours System

不定时工作制和综合计算工时工作制   Flexible Working Hours System and Comprehensive Working Hours System


法定节假日   Public Holidays

年休假 Annual Leave

婚假   Wedding Leave

丧假Funeral Leave

探亲假   Family Visit Leave

            职工探亲假Family Visit Leave of Local Employees

            归侨、侨眷职工探亲Family Visit Leave of the Returned Overseas Chinese and Relatives of Overseas Chinese

            台胞、台属职工探亲Family Visit Leave for Taiwanese and Relatives of Taiwanese


医疗期标准Sick Leave


生育假期及待遇Maternity Leave and Benefits


节育手术假期和待遇Leave and Benefits for Surgical Birth Control


公民应征兵役的公假Leave for Military Drafting

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