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Chapter 7 Legal Responsibility and Dispute Settlement


法律责任Legal Responsibility

招工、退工Recruitment and Dismissal

劳动合同的订立与解除Establishment and Termination of Employment Contract

无效劳动合同Invalid Employment contract

规章制度   Company Policy


劳动报酬、加班费、经济补偿Remuneration, Overtime Payment and Severance Payment

年休假Annual Leave

劳动保护Work Safety

安全生产Production Safety

社会保险Social Insurance

住房公积金Publicly Accumulated Housing Fund

劳务派遣Personnel Dispatch

外国人在中国就业及台、港、澳居民在内地就业Employment of Foreignersand Residents of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau

企业欠薪保障金   Salary Guarantee Fund

残疾人就业保障金Guarantee Fund for Employment of Disabled People

违反《中华人民共和国工会法》   Violation of the Union Law of the People’s Republic of China

劳动监察Employment Compliance

恶意欠薪Intentional Salary Delay and Refusal

使用童工Child Labor

劳动者违约责任Employee’s Liabilities

劳动争议仲裁Employment Dispute Arbitration

劳动争议仲裁的申请和裁决Application and Ruling of Employment Dispute Arbitration

劳动争议仲裁管理Jurisdiction of Employment Dispute Arbitration

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