Payroll and Employment Solutions in Greater China

Recently, more foreign companies are turning to China to expand their business. Normally, foreign investors can set up three kinds of company types in mainland China - Joint Venture (JV), Representative Office (RO) or Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE). 

We, at HROne, understand that corporate formation in China can be complex as it involves approval from multiple local authorities and bureaus. It also requires an understanding of China’s social, cultural and legal particulars. HROne’s extensive network of local government bureaus, knowledge of local protocols and extensive experience not only will accelerate your entry into China but also make sure that the whole process of company formation runs smoothly. 

HROne Corporate Formation Service Include:

◎ Legal Setup Options Advisory

◎ Relevant Documents Translation

◎ Location Search & Selection

◎ Business Setup registration

◎ Chinese Company Naming

◎ Special License Application

◎ Trademark Registration

◎ Regulatory Compliance

◎ Government Relations Maintenance

◎ Preferential Policies Negotiation

Type of Companies in China (More Details, please click) 

◎ Representative office (RO)

◎ Joint Venture (JV)

◎ Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise(WFOE)

→ Process for Setting Up Companies in China

The government involved in this process include the Ministry of Commerce, the Administrateive Bureau for Industry and Commerce, State Administration of Foreign Currency, Taxation of Foreign Currency, Taxation Bureau, the Customs Office, and the Statistics Bureau. 


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