Payroll and Employment Solutions in Greater China

Accounting systems, tax regulations and rules vary considerably in different countries, and it is no different for China. With the further opening up of China, the tax and accounting schemes have been changed significantly along with the globalization in China. All companies in China, have to spend more time in consideration of accounting and tax requirements and corresponding affections along with the business development.



When it comes to the practical operating, many SMEs consider that full time cashier and full time accountant cost a lot and create certain burden for its operation in China. To be successful, any enterprise regardless its size often needs a financial and accounting expertise. Therefore, outsource the accounting & tax work to HROne is the best solution to this problem and focus on your core business. outsource the accounting & tax work to HROne is the best solution to this problem and focus on your core business.

With HROne professional accounting service, you can have the expertise when you require. Our accountant could assist you and negotiating with your local officer to use the proper tax reporting method for your China presence. And submit the tax reports monthly and quarterly on your behalf. 

→ Why HROne for Your China Tax & Accounting Services: 

◎ Get access to HROne proficient accountants, cashiers at a much lower cost, without compromising on quality
◎ Give you more time to manage other important tasks of your core business
◎ Meet all your requirements and needs with our one stop solution
◎ International team provided you with bilingual documents, reports, and customer services 


→ HROne Tax & Accounting Service Include:

◎ Ensuring Tax, accounting and regulatory Compliance
◎ Tax Registration
◎ Assist with Capital Verification
◎ Expense Reimbursement
◎ Monthly Book-Keeping 
◎ Statement Generation 
◎ Tax Filing & Payments
◎ Assist with Government Tax Inspections
◎ Assist with Annual Audits


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