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HROne Employee Leasing/Employment services allow the foreign companies who have no legal entity in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, to safely and legally hire employees in China, where a direct employment contract is not desired or feasible.


HROne offers bilingual services (both in English and Chinese) and directly signs the employment contract with the client employee. The service also includes all the key benefits of HROne Payroll Solutions and Mandatory Benefits Solutions in China.


This service is also known as Talent Dispatch or Labor dispatch, Employee outsourcing, Workforce dispatch, China contractor, China PEO solution,China Employment Solution.


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→ Hiring Chinese employee without a legal entity in China

If your company has no legal entity in China or has not completed setting up its WFOE, then the company does not have any hiring ability in China. The only employment solution is to have your employees hired by a Chinese HR Agency that has the license to do the employment service/Employee Leasing Service in China, like HROne.  


The following chart explains the documentation process between HROne, client employee in China, and the foreign entity (the client).


Why HROne for Your Employee Leasing/Talent Dispatching Services:

◎ Ensuring payroll compliance, minimizing potential risk and costly mistakes

◎ Enjoying the highest levels of data security, stability, and data processing reliability

◎ Relieving the burden of handling complex processes

◎ Streamlining your workflow and freeing up valuable in-house resources

◎ Managing employee-related risks and compliance

◎ Access to in-depth HR expertise to handle HR issues

◎ Leveraging established relationship with broad network of government departments


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