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Temporary Workforce management service is aimed to fulfill a client’s temporary personnel shortage, help a client to fill a vacant position while there is no long-term employment plan of this position.
Normally, a temporary workforce solution is implemented in a time span of maximum six months, while the types of positions include personnel, finance, administration, etc. HROne is able to adjust the time period and positions range according to clients’ needs.
HROne ensures the professional ability of a candidate and is responsible for the labor relationship, salary, social insurance, working certificate, etc. Furthermore, a client is free to return the contingent talent at any time according to the changes of a position demand and talent quality.
→ The process of temporary workforce management:
◎ Client issues demands including position name, duties and requirements (Computer and language)
◎ HROne confirms demands, price, arrival date and working period with client.
◎ HROne signs service agreement with client.
◎ HROne recommends a candidate.
◎ Candidate interview and candidate’s confirmation.
◎ Client makes a deposit (one-month service fee).
◎ Candidate presents himself to work and signs the client company’s rules (if there are any).
◎ Service fee should be paid monthly, leases less than one month long should be calculated monthly.

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