Helping Foreign Companies To Manage HR And Payroll In China

We help foreign SMEs and startups to hire and pay employees in China. With or without setting up a local company.

Build your team in China in an easy and compliant way

Expanding into China does not have to be hard. Hire top talents, create new revenue streams, and grow your business in China while we take care of all the HR complexities – from onboarding employees to managing payroll and benefits.  This means that you have to focus only on the growth of your business, while we guarantee that you are 100% compliant with local employment and tax laws.

Full HR Outsourcing

A team of professionals in China’s HR law will relieve your company’s payroll, employment and HR requirements.

Fast Hiring In China

With our PEO solution, you will be able to hire your employees in China in less than 1 month, saving you time to focus on your business.

100% Local Compliance

Our HR professionals are constantly up to date with China’s regulatory changes to provide accurate support to clients.

Save On Expansion Costs

Using a PEO to expand your business to China can save the costs of setting up a local company and hire internal HR resources.

China Market Entry

Our solution will help you in every stage of your journey in China. From employment to payroll and setting up a company.

One Invoice For Everything

We take care of taxes, salary payment, and social benefits deductions. This allows you to pay your team in China in one invoice.

See how a PEO in China works

Hire foreign and local employees in China without a legal entity. HROne signs a local labor contract with your staff in China, while managing all employment, payroll and HR operations.

We manage your HR and payroll requirements, you focus only on your business growth.

Our Services

Employment Outsourcing

Hire and pay employees in China without setting up a local company. We manage HR, employment, and payroll for you.

Payroll Outsourcing

Outsource salary, taxes, and social benefits of your employees in China. Save time, and become compliant with Chinese laws.

HR Outsourcing

Outsource HR and administration in China. We fully manage your HR and you focus only on your business growth.

China Market Entry

Total package to enter China in a smooth and effective way. From employment to company registration, and payroll.

China Employment Cost Calculator

What is the total cost to hire an employee in China? Try our employment cost calculator to find out!

Trusted by International Leaders

“HROne is exceptionally professional and supportive, they understand the needs and requirements of global companies. They have the experience to deal with different scenarios experienced by companies entering China.”
Linyuan Gan
China Country Manager at Stefanini
“HROne is a great service organization that stays true to its company culture. They are always prompt and friendly when assisting clients. After years of cooperation with HROne, we are totally satisfied with their services.”
Enea Colombo
General Manager at Icona
“HROne has provided us with efficient, personalized account services for over a decade, since our company set foot in China. It has been a suitable organization, providing quality HR services customized to our needs.”
Paloma Meng
Chief Representative at Hostelworld
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