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A leading payroll, HR & employment outsourcing agency that offers compliant and fully licensed solutions to foreign companies operating in China.

Employment Outsourcing & PEO

Hire foreign and local employees in China without a legal entity. HROne signs a local labor contract with your staff in China, while managing all employment, payroll and HR operations.

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HROne - Payroll and tax Services in China

Payroll, Tax & Social Benefits

Complete payroll outsourcing solutions for companies with a legal entity in China.

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China Employment Guide

Download a free copy of our guide showing you the regulations about the employment relationships in China and how you can easily hire employees without a local entity.

Learn more about:

  • Labor contract in China
  • Social insurance system
  • The best options to hire employees in China
  • The structure of the labor costs
  • The low-risk solution to hire employees in China


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