HROne is one of the few non-state-owned but fully licensed Foreign Enterprises Service Companies (FESCo) in China. HROne was founded in 2005. Up to now, we’ve supported 1,700+ clients and have handled 19,000+ paystubs.

Quality and professionalism

  • We are certified with ISO 9001.
  • The accuracy of the payroll processing is 99.8%.
  • We are recognized as 2021 top B2B company in China by Clutch.
  • 47.1% of the team are HR professionals, and 18.8% of them are certified as China HR Experts by the Chinese government.
  • 55.9% of the team holds masters degrees.


  • 20.6% of the team are legal consultants, 57.1% of them are certified lawyers, 42.9% of them have international legal work/education experience, and 85.7% of them have local legal experience.
  • During the service period with us, only 0.18% clients were involved in employment related lawsuits/arbitrations and none of them lost the cases.

Data security

  • We are certified with ISO 27001.
  • 29.4% of the team are working for data processing and protection.
  • Clients’ data is stored on Microsoft Azure cloud.


  • 61.8% of the team are bilingual.
  • 67.6% of the team have international work/education experience.
  • Bilingual or English version documents are always offered if required.

Technology involved

  • 17.6% of the team are developers.
  • We developed below systems by our own:
    • Payroll system
    • Online portal for both employers and employees
    • Accounting system
    • CRM system
    • Task management system

High end

  • The average annual package of clients’ employees we handled is around USD 52,650.
  • 34.7% of our EOR employees are titled as supervisors and above.


  • Tailormade services.
  • We accept multiple currencies.
  • We receive money in China and outside of China.
  • Bank account in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, mainland China.

With our service, clients’ HR processes will be handled professionally and in compliance but without the need to build an HR team in China.

With our service, clients will have more flexibilities to test the Chinese market and grow the local business.

Licenses & Certificates

EOR permit
HR service license
HR expert certificates
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