About HROne

HROne is a private & fully licensed Foreign Enterprises Service Company (FESCo) in China.

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Quality and professionalism

HROne is a ISO 9001 certified company, signifying top-shelf standards in information management. We are also listed as a top B2B company in China by Clutch 2020, 2021 & 2022.


HROne consists of HR experts, labor dispute lawyers & HR operations specialists. Our clients have seldom had & never lost an employment related lawsuit.

Data security

HROne is ISO 27001 certified for information and database security. Our clients’ data is stored and updated in real-time on Microsoft Azure cloud. We use an in-house cold storage server as a backup along with hard copies for Chinese compliance purposes.


Our client-facing team of experts are friendly bilingual staff with overseas experience and backgrounds.


    • Payroll system
    • Online portal for both employers and employees
    • Accounting system
    • CRM system
    • Task management system

With our service, clients’ HR processes will be handled professionally and in compliance but without the need to build an HR team in China.

With our service, clients will have more flexibilities to test the Chinese market and grow the local business.

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