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Help your network to understand more about how HROne can help companies to start a business in China without a local company.

How Does It Work?

Apply to become an affiliate

Click on the button below, fill in few details, and you will be registered as a HROne affiliate. After that, we will get in contact with you and give you your referral link.

Spread the word

Share your referral link with your network and friends by email, social media, website to let them know how HROne can help them to start a business in China in a low risk way.

Earn money for every referral

Each company that uses your personal link to sign up on our website and sign a service contract for our PEO or payroll services earn you $200. They can even get the first month for free.

With HROne, Businesses Can

Start a business in China without a local company

Companies can avoid uncertainties and risks in China hiring employees to work for them while HROne manages HR and payroll.

Hire Full-time employees, part-time employees, and contractors

HROne will help companies to recruit and onboard employees, writing the employment contract and manage all the HR requirements.

Avoid compliance mistakes with the local governments

HROne's professionals are constantly up to date with China’s regulatory changes to provide accurate support to clients.

Outsource HR and payroll

A team of professionals in China’s HR law will relieve your company’s payroll, employment and HR requirements.

Reduce expansion costs

Using HROne to expand your business to China can save the costs of setting up a local company and hire internal HR resources.

Pay only one invoice

HROne takes care of taxes, salary payment, and social benefits deductions. This allows you to pay your team in China in one invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll let you know by email when a company you referred has signed up, and again when they sign the service contract.

You can basically share your referral link wherever you want. Social media, email, word of mouth, websites, YouTube, personal blogs, etc.

There is no limit to this. You can refer as many companies as you want. There is no limit to your earning potential.

After the company signs up with your referral link and sign a service contract, you will be notified and paid in 3-5 business days.

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