Cissy Shi

Cissy Shi had been working as a judge in Shanghai Court for over 10 years and had dealt with nearly two thousand cases. As a leader of the Labor Dispute Trial Group, Cissy Shi served in the commercial division and labor division of the court Cissy Shi had repeatedly won the Shanghai excellent court written judgment, business experts, etc. Cissy Shi tried the first case of a labor dispute involving fines for obstructing civil proceedings and had been filmed legal record films.

Navigating the most confusing issues in Chinese Labor Law: Q&A

Regarding overtime pay legal cases, is the statute of limitations two years? If an employee continues to take sick leave after their medical leave is over, can the employer refuse to pay them? For Women’s Day and Chinese Youth Day, if employees do not take time off, does the employer need to pay overtime pay? Under what circumstances can the employer and employee sign a labor contract? In service relations, can employers assess employees according to company regulations?

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