Learn Why Hiring Freelancers In China Is Crucial To Your Business

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Hiring freelancers in China is becoming a popular option for many foreign companies that want easier access to this big and expanding market.

But while outsourcing the employment of freelancers is becoming a more popular method of conducting business, it is not always easy to find the best freelancers for your business. And it is even harder to hire them maintaining compliance with the local Chinese law.

In this article, we will give you an overview of the main benefits of hiring freelancers in China and the options to hire them legally and without risking stopping your business activities in China.

Benefits Of Hiring Freelancers In China

Many foreigners are wondering what the trend of outsourcing freelance work in China is these days. One might think that this is a new concept in the business world, but it is actually something that has been used for more than two decades now. Many small, medium-sized enterprises have relied on outsourcing to cut costs and maximize efficiency. 

Outsourcing freelance work in China is just one example of a business that makes use of this strategy to increase production. It’s also used by businesses to increase productivity, increase profits, and minimize costs.

There are numerous small and large companies that are now benefiting from using this method. Freelance workers in China are therefore well-paid and working conditions are usually better compared to those in their home countries.

These days, most Western businesses are realizing the tremendous potential of working with freelancers. Freelance workers in China offer a wide range of services and this is what has made them such a lucrative business option.

As more businesses try to cut costs and save time by outsourcing certain aspects of their operations, they now realize that the best way to do so is to hire freelancers. This is because they are able to work from home, exert greater control over the time and cost, and often find themselves in a far more relaxed position regarding their employment.

But let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hiring freelancers in China.

High experience of the Chinese market

Freelancers in China are highly experienced with the Chinese market and system. They are adept at researching the local market and knowing how to connect with the customers. This helps ensure that your products and services are marketed successfully and that your business is stable. Furthermore, if you need to create a Chinese version of your website or social media, many freelancers are very good at writing content and developing websites, which increases the prominence of your business.

Familiarity with Chinese business etiquette

It is important that you keep a good relationship with your Chinese clients and understand their business practices. It is in this regard that professional, Chinese freelancers could prove to be extremely beneficial to your business. A good freelancer will always offer a polite and professional response to queries. They will be willing to answer questions about products or services in a manner that leaves you with confidence. Finally, they will be honest and be able to provide you with accurate and updated information.

Chinese language skills

Freelancers who are capable of using the Chinese language are ideal for conducting business transactions in China. In addition, these professionals are also familiar with Chinese business customs and are therefore not likely to be offended in any way. Therefore, if you are considering outsourcing to a country such as China, it makes sense to hire freelance writers and editors from that country.

Big talent pool

In China, you have access to various people that can help you with your business. Since the Chinese community is extremely large, it is not difficult to hire individuals with the right skills to take care of your project in China. Many Chinese are now also able to speak English, so there are less problems with communication.

Save costs

When it comes to the development of your business in China, hiring a freelancer saves you a lot of money as compared to developing the same in-house. You do not need to purchase office equipment, get licensing approvals, etc. The cost savings are huge when you hire freelancers in China.

How To Hire Freelance Workers In China

Finding freelance workers in China is the first step. Online you can find hundreds of job portals that show you the latest and trending freelance jobs in specific areas in China and with specific titles.

The majority of websites are in Chinese and it is not easy for foreign owners or foreign HR to navigate and use this website because of the language problem.

Nowadays, there are many Chinese online outsourcing companies that you can approach and use their services to find the right candidates for your company. These sites are an excellent resource for all kinds of jobs. They have a huge database of people who are happy to work as freelance workers for very reasonable pay.

That’s right, you don’t have to worry about how to hire freelance workers in China because you can just go over there and pick a candidate up. That’s not quite as easy as it sounds, though, so you might want to use the services of a recruitment agency if you really want to get the best results.

How A PEO Can Help You To Hire Freelancers In China

Nowadays, more and more companies decide to hire freelancers to increase productivity, profits and reduce costs.

Many small and medium companies are now hiring freelancers or remote workers when hiring abroad, and China is not an exception.

But China has its own rules related to employment and to legally hire employees, companies have to consider few aspects related to employment law and payroll. Some of them are:

Employment contract – Chinese law requires that you stipulate a formal contract with the freelancer. The contract shall include salary, working time, mandatory benefits, etc.
Legal entity – Normally, to hire employees in China (freelancer or not), you need to set up a local company, because the Chinese government lets only registered companies hire employees.
Payroll – Managing salary, individual income tax, social security benefits, is an area that foreign companies have to be aware of when hiring employees in China.

In summary, the main problem that foreign companies have to deal with in China is compliance. From taxes to contracts, handling the compliance of overseas employees is almost always a complex task. Further, managing the employee’s HR, payroll, and compliance requirements on a day-to-day basis can be endlessly time-consuming.

A Professional Employment Organization (PEO) in China can solve these problems and allowing you to easily hire freelancers in China.

First of all, a PEO can allow you to hire employees with or without a local company. A local PEO like us, for example, is a legally registered company here in China and we have the license to act as a PEO for your company, so you don’t need to set up a local entity.

As an organization working in HR and payroll, a PEO has the ability to manage all these aspects for you.

In this way, a company like HROne, can take care of the employment contract between your company and the freelancer, and help to declare taxes and social benefits on your behalf, saving you not only time and costs but making sure that your company is compliant with the local Chinese laws and regulations.


Hiring freelancers in China is becoming a popular option for foreign companies because of their benefits in terms of cost and time, and the possibility in this way to start business activities in China in few weeks instead of months.

Our PEO service in China can help you to easily get started in the country, without setting up a local entity. Contact us if you are interested to know more about this option!

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