Updated Visa Policies To Enter China In 2021

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Recently the vaccination programs are rolling out in many countries and China is also vaccinating the population to fight the COVID-19 virus.

And China is also slowly opening the doors again to people holding valid visas or the ones that are interested in applying for new visas.

Below we show you the recent updated regarding visas to enter China.

Policies regarding the application for a new visa to enter China

If you are outside of China and you would like to apply for a new visa to enter China, you can use two main ways:

  1. PU letter
    The purposes to apply for the PU letter must be economical, or scientific and technological, or trade. The family members are not included and you cannot apply for their visas. This method can be still used but it is very difficult to obtain the PU letter because the business project must be very big.
  2. Chinese vaccine certificate
    If you are able to get the Chinese vaccine, the PU letter is not needed anymore. Family members are still not included in the visa, and the only difficulty is regarding the fact of being inoculated with the Chinese vaccine or not. It is possible to use this second method for any kind of visa (business, working, etc.), but a lot depends on the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country. We suggest you to contact directly the Chinese embassy in your country to check.

About the second method, below we show you a table with the countries where the Chinese vaccine is available. (we will update the list every time a new country is added to the list).

Countries where Chinese vaccine is available

Region Countries
Asia Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, The Philippines, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Pakistan, Cambodia, Maldives
Americas Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico
Europe Hungary, Serbia
Africa Morocco, Egypt
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