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China Maternity Leave Policies

In this article, we provide a summary of updated China maternity leave policies through all the stages of pregnancy:

  • Prenatal examination 
  • Maternity leave
  • Pre-delivery leave
  • Lactation leave
  • Feeding period
  • Additional maternity leaves

Maternity leave policies have always been employee’s main concern over all the time, to better accommodate Chinese working life, it is better to understand the policies. Different cities and provinces have different maternity leave policies. This article will highlight more details regarding the maternity leaves in Shanghai.

Updated maternity leave policies in Shanghai

Prenatal examination

Prenatal examination of pregnant employees (including the first visit to a doctor in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy) within healthcare institutions during working hours shall be counted as working time.

Maternity leave

  • Natural childbirth

98-day maternity leave, including 15 days leave that may be taken before delivery

  • Difficult delivery

Extra-maternity leave of 15 days is given; Increased extra maternity leave of 15 days for each additional baby born to those employees who bear more than one baby in a single birth.

  • Miscarriage

For abortion within 4 months of pregnancy, maternity leave of 15 days shall be provided; after 4 months, maternity leave of 42 days.

Pre-delivery leave

Pregnant employees after the seventh month of pregnancy period shall be given a 1-hour a day break. The pregnant employee may have 2.5-months pre-delivery leave upon application by the employee and approval by the employer.

Lactation leave

After childbirth, female employees, if confronted by difficulties and employer’s business allowed, may apply for and be granted lactation leave of 6.5 months after approved by the employer.

Feeding period

With a child under one year old, the female employee may have 2 feeding periods per day, 30 minutes for each (including artificial feeding). The 2 feeding periods may be used in combination. Feeding time and round-trip time in the working field shall be counted as working time. In the case of multiple births, 1 hour feeding time shall be added for each additional new-born baby.

Additional maternity leaves

According to the People’s Congress of Shanghai, pregnant employees will have 30 extra days off in addition to the current 98 days whilst the maternity leave granted to the father will stand for 10 days. The additional maternity leaves can be postponed in case of national holidays.

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