China New Work Permit Policy Updates

In this article, we provide you the list and table of China new work permit policy updates:

  • Type A category
  • Type B category
  • Type C categoryHROne-VISA-Solutions--Work-permit

Work Visa/Work permit refers to a person’s visa status: It signifies the duration for which the person is legally allowed to work within a country of which he or she is not a citizen.

The new work permit policy in China categorizes the work permit of every legally employed expatriate in China into type A, type B, or type C as per the government’s new grading system based on talent points. This new grading system will rank different perspectives of the candidate like education, Chinese language proficiency, salary in China, length of work experience in China, etc. With an intention to streamline the process, the new grading system may also require applicants to apply online. Expat employees in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Anhui, Guangdong, Hebei, Shandong, Sichuan, Ningxia will be included in the preliminary trial program. Above all, the current work permit and foreigner employment license is going to be combined into foreigner’s work permit card. The objective will be to encourage the foreigners in A category, control the B category and limit the C category.

The government’s new grading system for foreign workers will be as follows:

Type A category (Encouraged, high level talent, talent point > 85)

The work license may be graded as Type A category in the following conditions:

  • The candidate has been internationally recognized for achievements in academics/business/entertainment/athletics and may hold a position of authority.
  •  The candidate has graduated from a top-200 University or awarded a Ph.D. from a respected and certified Chinese University under the age of 35.
  •  The candidate has been selected for China’s talent import plan.
  •  The candidate has been recognized as an innovative and entrepreneurial talent.
  •  The candidate has been selected for China’s Youth-Talent project

A ‘green channel’ will be available for Type A Category. These expats will no longer need to submit any hard copies of the documents required to apply for a foreigner work permit notice or for a visa application before entering China. The review and approval period for these foreigners will also be considerably shorter than for foreigners at the other two levels.

Type B category (controlled professional, personnel, talent point 60-85)

The work license may be graded as type B category in the following conditions:

  • The candidate holds a bachelor’s degree and has two years’ work experience in a certain field.
  • The candidate works in an international organization listed by the government.
  •  The candidate is a top graduate with a master’s degree from either a Chinese university or a top 100 universities

Type C Category (Strictly limited, nontechnical/service workers, talent point <60)

The work license may be graded as type c category in the following conditions.

  • The candidate is doing an internship based on government agreement
  • The candidate is a foreign maid who will come to China and serve for Class A
  • The candidate is doing some seasonal job on the border of China that is approved by the Chinese government

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