Hiring Employees in China without a Legal Entity

HROne enables you to hire Chinese nationals and foreign employees in China. We are a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) that provides Employment Solutions / Record of Employment services in China. Many foreign companies opt to outsource their employment to minimize risks, costs and lengthy bureaucratic procedures when expanding their business into China. 

*HROne’s Tip: This solution is advised to any foreign company planning to start a business activity in China, while keeping a low risk and small investments during the initial phase.

Customize your HR pack based on your needs: 

  • Labor contract signature

  • Monthly payroll

  • Staff visa processing

  • Personnel tax compliance

  • Candidate search

  • Statutory benefits compliance

  • Benefits & bonus

  • Medical insurance


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Expand your business in China in a blink of an eye


Candidate Search

As an option, HROne offers junior, senior and executive search to fulfill your workforce in China.


Employment Setup

Labor contract and conditions, payroll and tax setup, social security and visa processing.



Upon agreement between the employee, the client company and HROne, all administrative and legal requirements are complied to start the employment.



HROne guides the employee and client company through the initial phase of the employment.

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Local workers can be employed in one day, but timing ultimately depends on their professional situation and speed of correspondence. For foreign staff, the timing primarily depends on immigration procedures, such as the visa application and work permit approval processes.

No, it is not necessary to have a registered local entity to use our employment solutions. HROne hires employees on behalf of the client in compliance with local Chinese labor laws.

Yes, HROne’s employment services cover the employment of both local and foreign staff.

Not necessarily. Staff members can work remotely from home or another appropriate location if the employer is provided with corresponding residential addresses. However, HROne offers office space rentals upon request.

No, your staff members can be employed and located anywhere in China. Their employment status will be recorded by a local bureau according to their location.
HROne’s services handle both the hiring and termination procedures of employees according to local labor law, informing clients of the expenses incurred in carrying out the processes.
The standard procedure calls for a one-month notice period prior to the termination, while financial compensation includes one month’s salary per year of employment.
HROne completely manages the calculation, declaration, and submission of personnel taxes to local government authorities on behalf of you and your staff.
HROne is liable for your staff during their term of employment, sharing the risk of hiring employees with the client.