A Guide to Obtain a Work Visa in China

In this article, we provide some overall insight associated with how to obtain a work Visa in China

  • How to get new work permits from outside China?
  • How to transfer of work permits to a new employer?
  • How HROne can be beneficial to your business?

According to State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China has implemented a more active, open and an effective talent policy from March 2018. For those employers, who intend to hire foreign employees in China, it would be very important to comply with the local laws and regulations about expatriates working in China. For instance, employers must be legally established and must have necessary approvals needed by industrial administration. Foreigners applying for work in China should also match the basic requirements, such as applicants must be over 18, must be in good health, and must have no criminal record.  

According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of China, foreigners who want to work in China should obtain a work permit and a work-type residence permit. Below are the general application procedures:

Step 1. Apply online for Foreigner’s Work Permit Notice in the service system

Step 2. Apply for a Z or R Visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate

Step 3. Apply online for Foreigner’s Work Permit in the service system

Step 4. Visit foreigner employment administrative department to complete application

Step 5. Apply for work-type residence permit at a public security department     

It is worth noting that Foreigner Work Permits in China are divided into 3 categories, regarding to Type A, B and C. First, Type A work permits are designed for those high-end and urgently demanded foreign talents, are provided with green channel procedures that takes less processing time of application. Secondly, there are certain requirements for Type B, for instance, applicants should have at least two years’ relevant work experience to the position provided by employer, have a bachelor’s degree or above, and should be no more than 60 years old. Otherwise, if foreign talents meet the score assessment standards of each category, applicants can apply under that category, if not, foreign talents apply under Type C.

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Get new work permits from outside China

Below shows how Category B talents apply for Foreigner’s Work Permit from outside China:

Step 1. Employer creates an account online in the service system and submit documents online.

Step 2. Preliminary examination of online application takes 5 working days, and if the application passes, paper documents should be submitted and reviewed at the site.

Step 3. Review of documents takes 10 working days and applicants who passes can print out Foreigner’s Work Permit notice.

Step 5. Applicants apply for Z or R Visa  

Step 6. Applicants apply for work permit online and submit paper documents within 15 working days of entry               

It is important for applicants to have some knowledge about application materials as they can prepare beforehand. In general, for Type B talents, application materials include application form for Foreigner’s Work Permit, proof of work experience, certificate of highest diploma, medical report, employment contract, non-criminal record certificate, passport and visa. Application materials including highest diploma (achieved outside China) and non-criminal record must have authentication by Chinese consulate or embassy. Applicants can get the documents authenticated either in Chinese consulate overseas or in documents’ issuing country. Meanwhile, any material in English must be translated into Chinese and then stamped with employer’s company seal before submitted.   

Transfer of work permits to a new employer

There is often the case that foreign talents need to transfer their work permits because of change of hiring company. There is an easier way if the foreign talent’s position is unchanged. According to the prevailing policy, the applicant’s previous employer should cancel work permit and residence permit within 10 days after termination of work. Important application documents include letter of release and work permit cancellation certificate. Also, applicants need proof of relevant work experience from previous employers and a bachelor’s degree or above.

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