Improved Immigration and Visa Policies for Expatriates

In this article, we provide  essential insight relayed to improved immigration and visa policies for expatriates:

  • Expert residence permit and green cardVISA-solutions-in-Greater-China-HROne
  • Benefit for high earners
  • Long-term 5-year residence permit
  • Personal employment permit 
  • Private affairs visa for entrepreneurs
  • Residence permits for foreign university graduates in China 
  • Job seeker visa upgrade 
  • Z-visa on arrival 

In 2015, New visa policies which are job-seeker friendly have been implemented by the Ministry of Public Security in Shanghai, which will make the working visa process expedient and much more convenient than the time-consuming previous one. These may be of an advantage to job seeking foreigners in China and existing working expatriates wanting to obtain a long term residence permit or the permanent residence permit (also called China green card / D Visa)

Expert residence permit and green card

Good news for Technology and Engineering professionals. The Shanghai Science and Technology Commission has created a list of 3,500 ‘Innovative’ firms whose foreign employees qualify as ‘experts’. If your employer is one of these 3,500 companies, you can now apply for a new five-year work permit. Once you have worked for 3+ years, you can directly apply for permanent residency (China green card [D Visa]).

Benefit for high earners

Irrespective of your position or employer, you can get a permanent residence permit if you earn over 600,000 RMB per year, paid your timely income taxes (120,000 RMB + per year) and have worked in Shanghai for more than four consecutive years with no criminal record in your home country.

Long-term 5-year residence permit

Expatriates who have continuously worked a minimum of 2 years in Shanghai with a working visa, and have not broken any China immigration laws and regulations, can apply 5 years long term working residence permit the next time. Excellent news for those who are weary of the annual residence permit renewal process.

Personal employment permit 

Expatriates with (China green card/D Visa) permanent residence permit can hire personnel, who can be issued residence permits. If you have a green card or a 5-year work permit, you may hire a foreign nanny or an ayi.

Private affairs visa for entrepreneurs

Previously, Foreign Entrepreneurs could not enter China without a Work permit. Now, They CAN Apply for a 30-Day Private Affairs (S) Visa on Arrival to Shanghai and convert later. Supporting Documents SUCH as Business Plans and Funding sources are needed though.

Residence permits for foreign university graduates in China 

Shanghai to Support ITS AIMS Top Graduates by Allowing them to Apply for a Two-year Residence permit Following Their Graduation. This policy Applies to Foreigners who have graduated from Chinese Top Universities. This will be helpful for their internships, Short-Term assignments or Entrepreneurship ventures.

Job seeker visa upgrade 

Previously, expatriates who have entered China on a non-work visa (which is anything apart from a Z visa) and have received a job offer while in China, were needed to return to their home country to re-apply their work visa. With the new policy change, you no longer need to do this! You simply need to obtain the necessary work licenses from your future employer and get your visa converted to a work visa at Shanghai’s Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. This will save the applicants huge money and efforts shuttling back and forth for Their Z Visa Application.

Z-visa on arrival 

Foreigners who receive a job offer Shanghai CAN now get Their Z-Visa on Arrival, Provided That They All have the proper Documentation. This new application process will help save costs and time. If you have enough time on your hand, obtaining the required documents beforehand is recommended though.

The information contained in this article is valid on December 11th, 2015. For updated information, please read our article about how to obtain a work visa in China.