Payroll and mandatory benefits solution in China

For companies that have a Chinese legal entity, but don’t want to deal with complex HR operations. We can take care of your payroll, mandatory benefits, and related compliance.

Payroll and mandatory benefits solution in China

For companies that have a Chinese legal entity, but don’t want to deal with complex HR operations. We can take care of your payroll, mandatory benefits and related compliance.

Grow your business in China with our payroll outsourcing solution

Payroll in China is difficult to manage for many foreign companies expanding and operating in the country, with rules different from other countries. Not following the proper procedures can result in significant fines and legal trouble, so it’s important you do your due diligence before embarking on your expansion. 

Outsourcing payroll can save your company time and money. It will also ensure your compliance with local Chinese laws and regulations. Our solution can help if you have or do not have a legal entity in China, making it easier for you to manage payroll and focus only on the company’s growth.

Our team’s expertise in HR and payroll, and our standardized procedures will make sure that your HR and payroll will be 100% compliant with local laws, so as to ensure that your company achieves improved accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

Reduce Time and Costs to Manage HR

Save costs by removing investment in HR softwares and reliance on internal resources.

Streamline Payroll and HR Processes

With our HR management you will accurate and on-time payroll execution.

100% Local Compliance With Chinese Laws

With everchanging Chinese laws, we'll ensure you stay fully compliant at all times.

All payroll needs in one service

Setting up and managing payroll in China has never been so easy

Companies with a legal entity

For foreign companies that have a legal entity in China, we offer customizable payroll solutions to effectively streamline your HR and payroll processes.

Our payroll experts will compute your employees’ monthly salary in accordance with all relevant regional HR laws, taxation, and labor regulations. Furthermore, we declare your employees’ individual income taxes and contribute all employee social benefits to local authorities.

Your payroll administration will be efficiently and securely managed while saving your company’s time and resources.

Companies without a legal entity

Foreign companies without a legal entity in China that planning to pay employees within the Chinese territory must engage in employment outsourcing services.

Our EOR service allows foreign companies to hire employees in China while outsourcing all employment operations, including the signature of local labor contracts, payroll, taxes, social benefits administration, allowances and benefits, and more.

Ready to outsource your payroll in China?

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Define your employees’ labor conditions to calculate payroll, taxation, and social benefits.

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After the service agreement signature, all your payroll and tax compliance needs will be outsourced to HROne.

Secure and compliant payroll outsourcing

We know that information and data security is critical to your business. To give you an extra level of reassurance our payroll services, processes, and IT systems in China are audited and certified for the ISO 27001 information security standard. This certification honors our commitment to keep and consistently meet our clients’ requirements by delivering high-quality and satisfactory services.

Trusted by International Leaders

“HROne is exceptionally professional and supportive, they understand the needs and requirements of global companies. They have the experience to deal with different scenarios experienced by companies entering China.”
Linyuan Gan
China Country Manager at Stefanini
“HROne is a great service organization that stays true to its company culture. They are always prompt and friendly when assisting clients. After years of cooperation with HROne, we are totally satisfied with their services.”
Enea Colombo
General Manager at Icona
“HROne has provided us with efficient, personalized account services for over a decade, since our company set foot in China. It has been a suitable organization, providing quality HR services customized to our needs.”
Paloma Meng
Chief Representative at Hostelworld

Frequently Asked Questions

HROne is the employer facing the Chinese government for all the tax and benefits situations regarding your employees. If we do not contribute on time and in full, we will have risks and problems, so we must make sure that everything is compliant. In this way, we can guarantee that you will not face any problems with the Chinese government. Since 2005, we do not have any negative record in the Chinese government system regarding non-compliant contributions.

In China, there are 7 rates for individual income tax rates, and they depend on the annual taxable income. For every level, you can also use a quick deduction to reduce the amount of taxes to pay. These are the rates:

LevelAnnual Taxable Income (RMB)Tax Rate (%)Quick Deduction
1No more than 36,00030
2Between 36,000 and 144,000102,520
3Between 144,000 and 300,0002016,920
4Between 300,000 and 420,0002531,920
5Between 420,000 and 660,0003052,920
6Between 660,000 and 960,0003585,920
7More than 960,00045181,920

The social benefits are divided into two categories:

  • Five mandatory social insurances – These include pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, and maternity insurance.
  • Housing fund – The purpose of this is to allow employees to save money to buy a house in China.

The cost to hire an employee varies from city to city in China, but when you decide to hire employees in China, you have to consider costs related mainly to the salary, social benefits, taxes, bonuses, and this actually can vary every month for the employee. With our payroll service, you do not have to think about all the calculations, because we will do it for you and send you the total cost for the employee. You can also use our employee cost calculator to have a general idea of the costs involved.

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