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HROne offers customizable payroll solutions to foreign SME and start-ups operating in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our payroll & tax services effectively streamline your company’s payroll management.

Our payroll experts will compute your employees’ monthly salary in accordance to all relevant regional HR laws, taxation and labor regulations. Furthermore, HROne declares your employees’ individual income taxes and contributes all employee social benefits to local authorities.

Your payroll administration will be efficiently and securely managed while saving your company’s time and resources.

Payroll services China - Payroll outsourcing
Payroll services china - PEO solutions

Employment & Payroll Outsourcing


Foreign companies without a legal entity in China that planning to pay employees within the Chinese territory must engage employment outsourcing services, also known as Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services.

HROne’s PEO services allows foreign companies to hire employees in China while outsourcing all employment operations. Including the signature of a local contracts, payroll, tax and employee social benefits administration, allowances and benefits, and more.

All Payroll Needs in One Service

  • Monthly payroll

  • Individual income tax declaration

  • Employee social benefits contribution

  • Yearly and monthly payroll reporting

  • Employee online portal for pay-slips review

  • Payroll data maintenance

  • Policy and regulatory updates

  • Work-related injury advisory

Fully Outsourced Payroll China Management

Payroll outsourcing advantages
  • All employees’ payroll and tax are outsourced to HROne, enabling your workforce to save time and focus on core business functions.
  • Avoid costs of establishing an internal HR department.
  • Compliance with local laws and regulations is permanently ensured by HROne to provide a safe fiscal and tax environment for your business in China.
  • Benefit from HROne’s strong relations with local authorities.
  • Flexible and customizable services that adapt to any business size and payroll headcounts.
  1. The client company drafts each of the employees’ labor conditions.
  2. Upon confirmation, HROne calculates the total cost of payroll, taxes and social benefits contributions.
  3. HROne issues an invoice to the client company with each employee’s detailed payroll cost estimation.
  4. On a monthly basis, upon client’s payment, HROne delivers the relevant salaries and pays all required taxes and social contributions to local authorities.
Social Benefits in China

Handling social security contributions can be challenging for foreign companies operating in China. Contribution rates and bases are adjusted every year and these vary according to the location.

China’s social security system is divided in two categories.

  • The five mandatory social insurances, which include the pension, unemployment, work injury, maternity, and medical insurance.
  • The Housing Fund ensures that employees save money to purchase housing in China. Both the employer and the employee contribute toward these mandatory benefits.

Both categories are contributed by the employer and employee.

HROne’s payroll outsourcing service includes the registration of your company and employees to the social security bureau as well as the calculation and contribution of these.

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