Outsource Your Payroll in China

HROne is a leading HR company that assists foreign companies with employment and payroll in China. Our solutions adapt for companies with or without a legal entity established in China.

Payroll & Tax Solutions

HROne offers customized and cost-effective end-to-end payroll management solutions for foreign SMEs and start-ups all over Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our competent team of payroll professionals ensure efficient, uninterrupted operations. We compute an employee’s monthly salary according to client needs and protocols. We regularly assess all relevant regional HR laws and regulations as well as monitor specific records, such as attendance, to deliver an accurate, timely payout.

HROne’s payroll & tax services effectively streamline your company’s payroll management. We service companies of all sizes and requirements, providing full corporate payroll service packages as well as limited processing services based on your business needs. Our team efficiently and securely manages your payroll administration, saving you both time and money.

Employment Solutions / Employer of Record / PEO

Through our Employment Solutions, we enable companies without a legal entity in China to hire and pay their employees in China. When a foreign firm is interested in starting a business activity in China, they often wish to keep their risks low and start off with a small investment during their market entry phase. By outsourcing payroll and employment requirements to an employer of record, along with other administrative tasks such as acquiring visas for foreign employees, companies are free to pursue the core of their business in China without having to manage technicalities and accumulating legal risks.

*HROne’s Tip: This solution is advised to any foreign company planning to start a business activity in China, while keeping low risk and small investments in their market entry.

HR Outsourcing in china - employment solutions

Service features:

  • Labor contract signature

  • Monthly payroll

  • Staff visa processing

  • Personnel tax compliance

  • Statutory benefits compliance

  • Medical insurance

  • Expense claim

  • Benefits & bonus

I Need Employment Solutions

We handle the risk while you manage your business

  • Monthly salary calculation & disbursement
  • Employee income tax, social insurances, and housing fund calculation, deduction & submission
  • Annual and monthly report of employee income tax, social insurances, and housing fund contributions
  • Work-related injury advisory
  • Access to employee salary pay slips through an online portal

  • Employee payroll data maintenance
  • Policy maintenance and updates

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Outsource your payroll administration in Greater China

Payroll and tax service advantages

There are many advantages to using HROne’s payroll and tax solutions:

  • We manage all employee payroll and tax on behalf of your company, providing you with more time to focus on other business functions.
  • We help avoid the costliness and complexity of establishing an internal HR payroll team.
  • We remain fully up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations. The fiscal and taxation environment in China changes often, so it is vital for businesses to keep up.
  • HROne’s has strong relations with local tax authorities and can assist with inquiries where necessary.
  • We provide flexibility in tailoring services to any business size and payroll headcount, including our employment solutions.
  • We plan and structure salary packages for both local and expatriate employees.
  • HROne operate a mature system to process and protect your payroll data.

Full solution package

We offer a range of payroll and tax solutions that can be offered in customizable packages. Such services include:

  • All registration required with local tax bureaus.
  • Monthly salary and individual income tax calculation and submission for all staff on payroll (domestic and foreign).
  • Annual declarations to authorities as required for various taxes and benefits.
  • Management of all social security and insurance payments and costs.
  • Updated policies application.
  • Handle employee expenses claims, payments and appropriate bonuses.
  • Commercial insurance upon request.

Outsourcing HR and payroll

HROne can manage payroll and tax on behalf of a Chinese registered company while the company remains the employer and is legally responsible for employees. Companies can also utilize our employment solutions to fully manage the recruitment and employment of staff in addition to payroll and tax. The businessowner can decide which approach to take based on the needs of the company.

It is entirely up to you to decide how much of your HR, payroll, and tax solutions functions to outsource to HROne. Small companies often enjoy the advantages of HR and tax administration services whilst in the early stages of setup and growth in China. As a company grows, it often hires an in-house HR department. The company can still benefit from HROne’s individualized payroll services and professional advice. HROne reliably supports businesses at all stages of growth.

Payroll outsourcing has never been that easy


You Define

The laborconditions of each employee, including salary, bonus, location, nationality, etc.”


We Prepare

The total cost of employment, including salaries, employee and employer’s personal tax contributions, and social benefits.


You Confirm

The total cost of employment and submit the payment.


We Report

The employees and the client company on a monthly and yearly basis with the salary slips and contribution summaries.

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