Chinese Visa Complexity Made Easy

HROne offers work visa application services to companies hiring foreign employees in China. The company’s immigration experts will work closely with the client company and employees to fully understand their visa processing needs.

In the first stage, HROne provides a detailed navigation through all the necessary documentation required for the application. Upon completion of this, HROne facilitates the visa submission to the appropriate government authorities and oversees the process.

China work visa application
Work permit and residence permit China application

Hassle-free Visa Administration

HROne also assists the renewal of work and residence permits upon expiration. Our experts will verify that applicants meet all the relevant criteria and proceed with the renewal in accordance to policies.

Let HROne handle your visa and immigration concerns while your focus on building your business abroad.

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All Visa Scenarios Managed by HROne


A Simple Procedure to Ease Your HR Needs


Inquiry Examination

The client company provides HROne with necessary information regarding visa needs.



HROne collects relevant documentation from the client and employee and verifies if they meet all requirements.



HROne submits all application materials to the appropriate government authorities.



HROne receives the approved visa and delivers it to the client in a timely manner.

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