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Outsource Your Invoicing in China

HROne provides professional, cost-efficient invoicing solutions for client billing in China. Our services allow companies, representative offices, and freelancers to invoice clients in the appropriate language and local currency. HROne serves companies and freelancers regardless of whether they have a registered legal entity in China.

HROne acts as an intermediary between the involved parties, allowing us to issue fapiao (official proof of invoice) and tax receipts. We issue all invoicing materials and collect all payment data in a secure and timely manner. We also provide invoicing and payment reports on a monthly basis. HROne makes your client transactions easy and worry-free, ensuring that your invoicing and payment collection is conducted accurately and in full compliance with local laws and regulations.

  • Fapiao issuance in China

  • Monthly payment notice and invoicing

  • Tax receipt issuance 

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HROne’s invoice procedure

A simple invoicing procedure


You Delegate

The foreign company provides all transaction details.


We Prepare

HROne prepares the invoice in accordance with the provided information.


We Confirm

HROne prepares the payment service for the client.


We Deliver

HROne issues a fapiao and tax receipt to the foreign company.

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Invoicing solutions for all your billing needs

Why use an invoicing service?

HROne makes invoicing your clients quick and easy. Our experienced team efficiently handles all your billing needs in a professional manner. All you must do is provide the necessary billing information to forward to the client. We prepare the invoice, process the payment, and issue proof of payment and tax receipts for your records.

Pricing structure

HROne’s invoicing service price model varies depending on several factors. The base price is calculated on the total invoiced amount. We process invoices with a minimum of $200 USD. The pricing structure also includes Value Added Tax (VAT), relevant bank charges, and a service fee. We work closely with you to help you understand our pricing model specific to your invoicing needs.

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