Hiring in China without a Legal Entity

HROne provides PEO / Employer of Record solutions to foreign companies hiring foreign or local employees without a legal entity in China. This cost-effective solution enables foreign firms to set-up a physical presence to support their business operations in China (supplier management, sales support and general administration).

HROne’s PEO / Employer of Record solutions handle all necessary procedures for legally hiring and on-boarding staff in record time. We provide full employment services to cover all your staffing needs in China, leaving you free to concentrate on your main business operations.

Our PEO service package includes

  • Labor contract signature

  • Monthly payroll

  • Staff visa processing

  • Personnel tax compliance

  • Statutory benefits compliance

  • Benefits & bonus

  • Medical insurance

  • Expense claim

All employment liabilities handled by HROne

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Redefining market expansion

Why use PEO / Employer of Record solutions?

There are several situations in which foreign companies prefer to use PEO / Employer of Record solutions in China, including:

  • New companies in the Chinese market that wish to hire local staff for early market research and exploration
  • Companies with an overseas-based contractor they wish to base in China.
  • Companies that intend to register an entity in China (such as a representative office or WFOE) but want to hire staff in the interim period before formal establishment.

Easy entry into the Chinese market

With the services provided by HROne, businesses do not need to register a legal entity in China to hire staff. Companies are allowed to use an employment service provider to handle staffing activities. HROne’s team of experts have years of experience in assisting companies of all sizes with the employment of local and foreign staff.

HROne makes hiring easy, fast and flexible:

  • We hire both local and expatriate staff members.
  • There is no limit to how many employees we can hire on your behalf.
  • Hired staff members can work from any location in China, even from home. We assist in providing work office location if required.
  • We ensure that all employment is fully compliant with current Chinese laws and regulation.
  • We maintain legal responsibility for hired staff
  • For domestic staff, the hiring process can be as fast as a few days. Hiring foreign staff takes longer as visa applications are necessary.

Full employment solutions

HROne provides a one-stop hiring service. We take care of all necessary administration, paperwork, and payments. We oversee the employment process, organize necessary visas, and handle payroll, tax, and social security payments on your behalf. We even manage employee expenses and other costs.

All payment and payroll details are accurately recorded and shared with you in a secure manner. HROne prides itself on its ability to provide a stress-free hiring process and HR outsourcing function for its clients.

We assist with contract renewal at the end of the employment contract validity period. We also handle contract termination in accordance with local laws.

Processing your staff’s employment


You Select

The client confirms the candidates’ salary, bonus, benefits, etc.


We Prepare

A bilingual employment contract adjusted to the candidates’ compensation and in compliance with the local labor laws.


You Focus

On your business strategy and operations while we handle the hiring process.


We Manage

Your employees’ employment, payroll, benefits & administrative tasks on a monthly basis.

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No, it is not necessary to have a registered local entity to use our employment solutions. HROne hires employees on behalf of the client in compliance with local Chinese labor laws.

Yes, HROne’s employment services cover the employment of both local and foreign staff.

Not necessarily. Staff members can work remotely from home or another appropriate location if the employer is provided with corresponding residential addresses. However, HROne offers office space rentals upon request.

No, your staff members can be employed and located anywhere in China. Their employment status will be recorded by a local bureau according to their location.
Local workers can be employed in one day, but timing ultimately depends on their professional situation and speed of correspondence. For foreign staff, the timing primarily depends on immigration procedures, such as the visa application and work permit approval processes.
HROne’s services handle both the hiring and termination procedures of employees according to local labor law, informing clients of the expenses incurred in carrying out the processes.
The standard procedure calls for a one-month notice period prior to the termination, while financial compensation includes one month’s salary per year of employment.
HROne completely manages the calculation, declaration, and submission of personnel taxes to local government authorities on behalf of you and your staff.
HROne is liable for your staff during their term of employment, sharing the risk of hiring employees with the client.

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