Annual tax return for individuals in China

We offer efficient and effective service in the calculation and filing of the individual income tax return for Chinese and foreign individuals.

Do your China annual tax return correctly with a local expert

Under the current tax system in China, there are different types of taxes that a single or a company pay. The individual income tax is one of the most important.

Usually, most employees have their income tax deducted each month from their salary by their employer. But there are certain types of residents that must file an annual reconciliation tax return on comprehensive income.

The annual tax return in China can be a complicated process to understand for both foreign companies that have employees in China or individuals working in the country. Our local experts can help you to collect and calculate the annual tax return. We will also provide guidance to make sure that all the process will be smooth and compliant.

Guaranteed Compliance

Our local experts make sure that your employees' tax situation is compliant with Chinese laws.

Save Time & Risks

We communicate with your employees about documents to collect. We take care of everything for you.

Local Expertise

Our local team will provide guidance for every questions related to taxes and calculation of annual tax return.

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What is the annual tax return in China?

The annual tax return is the act of calculating the annual final individual income tax payable for the whole year after combining the income from wages and salaries, remuneration for labor services, author’s remuneration, and royalties obtained in a tax year.

From those, you then deduct the tax paid in advance in the tax year, calculate the refundable or supplementary tax payable, report to the tax authorities and make the tax settlement.

Need help with your annual tax return in China?​

How does HROne help you with the annual tax return?

The annual tax return is calculated every year between April 1st and June 30th, and it involves both Chinese employees and foreigners.

We help your employee with all the processes of collecting the documents requested by the tax bureau, translating the documents collected from outside China, guiding the individual to proceed the process online, and visiting the tax bureau with the individual if the offline claim is required.

Normally, for the employee that obtains only the domestic comprehensive income, we will declare through the government’s website. But there are other cases where we need to collect more information (for example, when the employee has an income overseas).

Our service in detail:

  • Update and explain new policies.
  • Collection, integration, and calculation of employees’ declaration data.
  • Provide employee name list to the client who needs to process annual settlement and payment of income tax.
  • Provide guidance to calculate and proceed with the final annual settlement and payment of income tax.

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