Annual Tax Return in China

For Complicated Income Structures

Filing of the individual income tax return for Chinese and foreign individuals, including overseas income.

Filing The Compliant Way

Individual Income Tax Return in China

Most employees in China have their income tax deducted each month from their salary by their employer. However, residents that must also file an annual reconciliation tax return on comprehensive income every year before the 30th of June. The annual tax return in China can be a complicated process to understand for both foreign companies that have employees in China or individuals working in the country. Our local experts can help you to collect and calculate your annual tax return, including overseas income. We will guide to a compliant and stress-free annual tax return process.

Overseas Income

Passive Income

Other Incomes

Filing Your Tax Return

Why HROne?

HROne has a deep understanding of the complex tax regulations and requirements in China. Our team of tax experts stays updated with the latest tax laws and ensures that your individual tax returns are prepared accurately and in full compliance with the Chinese tax regulations.

Personalized Approach:

We recognize that each individual's tax situation is unique. At HROne, we take a personalized approach to ensure that your tax return is tailored to your specific circumstances. Our team works closely with you, addressing any concerns, answering your questions, and providing guidance to optimize your tax position.

Compliance Assurance:

By entrusting us with your individual annual tax returns, you can have peace of mind knowing that our professionals will handle all the necessary calculations, deductions, and reporting accurately and in accordance with the tax laws in China.

Proactive Tax Planning:

Our experts can assist you in optimizing your tax position, identifying potential deductions and credits, and providing strategic advice to minimize your tax liability legally.

Don't Slack on your Tax!

Tax Compliance

As an individual taxpayer in China, filing your annual tax return is a crucial responsibility. The Chinese tax system requires all eligible individuals to report their income and pay taxes in a timely and accurate manner. Complying with the annual tax return requirements is essential to avoid penalties, legal issues, and to maintain your financial standing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

F . A . Q . S

All individuals who have taxable income in China are required to file an annual tax return.
The annual tax return is typically due by the end of June each year for the previous tax year (January to December).
Calculate taxable income by deducting eligible expenses and exemptions from your total income. Common deductions may include social insurance contributions, housing fund payments, and certain personal expenses.
Yes, you can file the tax return online through the official tax authorities’ mobile app.
Failing to file the tax return on time may result in penalties, fines, and interest charges on the tax amount owed.
Yes, you can seek assistance from tax professionals or qualified tax advisors if you have complex financial situations or are unsure about specific tax regulations.
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