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Hire employees in China without a company

Not all business operations require a local entity. If you need a team in China, but don’t need to invoice from China (fapiao), then our Employer of Record (EOR) service is an option for you! Employer of Record means we play the “legal” role of “employer” on your behalf. We are responsible for employment compliance, and processing payroll & benefits(including social insurance, housing fund etc.) Allowing you to manage your team & focus on your business.

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Find the right talent

If you don’t already have the right hire in mind, HROne can manage and coordinate interviews with qualified candidates.

  • Recruitment service

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    Onboard your team

    Setting up your payroll system & hiring your team:

  • Payroll templates
  • Social insurance account
  • Housing fund account

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    Get started

    Payroll deployment, reporting & compliance:

  • Monthly payroll & benefits 
  • Employee expense claims
  • HROne payroll portal

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    Employer of Record Service Cycle

    employer of record peo in China

    1. Client Onboarding

    Collection of client’s information and introduction to HROne’s policies, procedures and online portal. 

    Work calendar, processes, templates, benefits & salary structures confirmed and loaded into the payroll system.

    First employees onboarded.

    2. Employees Onboarding

    New employee signs private information authorization letter. HROne collects required material.

    First payment (including deposit) invoiced & paid. HROne and new employee sign a labor contract.

    New employee is loaded into the payroll system. Social insurance account, housing fund account & bank accounts are imported into system.

    China employer of record
    employer of record salaries in China

    3. Monthly Processing

    Communication of government policy changes (if any). Communication of payroll information and salary changes (if any).

    Monthly invoice generated & settled. HROne transfers employee salaries & updates online payroll portal.

    Social insurances, housing fund and income tax paid. Employee pay-slip and notification sent out.

    4. Year End Processing

    Work calendar for the coming year confirmed.

    Annual salary report prepared, confirmed and reported to the government  HR authorities.

    New government policies briefed (if any).

    employer of record year end in China
    employer of record offboarding in China

    5. Employee Departure

    Termination documents completed with terminated employee. Invoice of the possible severance payment issued to client.

    Upon handover completion, HROne releases severance pay & issues termination certificate. Unsettled cases are closed and client deposit returned.

    6. End of Service

    Handover of accounts, materials and information. Off-boarding employees begins.

    Last invoice including historical balance, prepared and paid. Employees off-boarded. Accounts and material handed over to client.

    Unsettled cases are closed and client deposit returned.

    employer of record EOR in China

    Ready to hire employees in China?

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    Rewarded by Clutch as one of the top B2B companies in China for the unrivaled solutions provided and dedication to our clients.

    Employer of Record solutions in China

    Companies handling ground operations

    For companies that require to on-board local staff to handle ground operations (client meetings, sales support, supply management, etc) without setting up a Representative Office or a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE), a PEO solutions can save time and costs to start operating in the Chinese market

    Companies testing the Chinese market

    If you’re exploring how an expansion in China fits into your strategic plan but aren’t ready to take on the costs and risks of setting up an entity, we can help you “test the waters” in China. We can hire employees for you so you can evaluate the readiness of the Chinese market without making the investment needed to establish an entity.

    Companies using freelancers based in China

    For companies interested in hiring certain freelance talents in China. Freelancing in China for international clients is a tricky subject. UpWork and Fiverr among other freelancing platforms are blocked in China. Additionally, most talents in China prefer jobs that will provide the mandatory social benefits (housing, healthcare and pension fund). Read more on how our Freelancer EOR solution can help you.

    Representative offices

    Representative offices may only hire up to 10 employees. However, even these employees cannot be hired in-house and their employment must be outsourced to a local HR service provider.

    Companies that are closing, but want to keep their team

    Some companies may choose to close their entity in China due to various reasons, but wish to retain certain operations active in the country such as their customer service and support teams.

    Companies with a local entity

    For companies that intend to register an entity in China but want to hire staff in the interim period before formal establishment, a PEO solution is perfect because you will not have to wait months before starting operating in China and you can actually start testing and conducting marketing and networking activities while you wait for the company to be established.

    Your HR experts in China

    Employer of Record

    Hire employee(s) in China without a local entity. HROne handles HR compliance, payroll & benefits so you can focus on your business.


    Hire employee(s) in China with a local entity. HROne handles HR compliance, payroll & benefits so you can focus on your business.