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Outsource your payroll and mandatory benefits. View your payroll summary through our intuitive online portal.

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Handling your payroll in China & ensuring the privacy, safety and accuracy of your data as well as a timely payroll process in compliance with the latest regulations. We manage social insurance contributions such as housing, unemployment, maternity, work-related injury, medical and pension.

Cloud Server

Your company's payroll data is electronically kept and updated via Microsoft Azure cloud server.

In-house Server

Our offline, in-house, server is backed-up daily to assure the immutability and security of your data.

Hard Copies

In accordance with Chinese law, we dedicate space to physically store and organize your data.

Keep track of all benefits, bonuses & taxes

Our Payroll Platform

Tired of drowning in a sea of spreadsheets, grappling with complex calculations, and enduring mind-numbing payroll processes? Fear not, for HROne is here to rescue you from the clutches of payroll mayhem and bring harmony to your HR operations in China! We handle all mandatory aspects of payroll in China such as pension fund, Healthcare & Housing fund , as well as Pay slips, also called paystubs for proof of payment.

Pension Fund

A fund that employees and employers both contribute to the pension fund contribution amount varies based on the city of employment, but employers generally pays a higher percentage.

Health Insurance

China requires that all employers provide basic health insurance coverage for emergency situations. An employer cost of roughly 2% of the employee's salary is due as health insurance payment.

Housing Fund

Employed Chinese citizens must also benefit from a housing fund contribution from their employer. Unlike the pension fund, The housing fund is regarded as a personal fund rather than a pool fund.

How we get started

Easy setup and pay as you go model

We offer an easy setup and a flexible pay-as-you-go model for our payroll service, designed to simplify your payroll processes and provide a cost-effective solution tailored to your business needs.

Account Setup

Setting up your account, creating reports and organizing payroll data.

Payroll & Benefits

Paying your employees’ salaries & benefits, business expense claims and bonuses.


Communicating adjustments to salaries and new compliance policies as they emerge.

Avoiding the HR Bureau

Payroll Compliance in China

Complying with wage and hour laws is crucial to avoid costly lawsuits and penalties. HROne guaranties that all payroll activities are expertly recorded and organized as to be indisputable.

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HR in China Made Easy

Employer of Record

Hire and pay employees in China without setting up a local company. We manage HR, employment, and payroll for you.

Payroll and Benefits

Outsource payroll and social benefits of your employees in China. Save time, and become compliant with Chinese laws.


Hire the best talents to grow your business in China. We collect, screen and shortlist the best candidates for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

F . A . Q . S

The 13th month bonus in China refers to a bonus equal to one month’s salary that is usually paid at the onset of Chinese New Year. This 13th month bonus is not mandatory unless explicitly stated in the labor contract upon signing. A 13th month bonus depends on the company’s performance as well as the employee’s performance. It is possible for employees to receive an even higher bonus (14th or even 15th month bonus) depending on these factors.
Employees in China are entitled to annual leave days based on their work experience. After working for their employer for 1 year. Employees who have worked less than 10 years are entitled to 5 days paid annual leave. Employees who have between 10 and 20 years of experience are entitled to 10 days paid annual leave. Employees with over 20 years of experience are entitled to 15 days of paid annal leave.
Individual income taxes In China are based on a progressive tax brackets rate:
Bracket Annual Taxable Income (RMB) Tax Rate (%) Quick Deduction
1 No more than 36,000 3 0
2 Between 36,000 and 144,000 10 2,520
3 Between 144,000 and 300,000 20 16,920
4 Between 300,000 and 420,000 25 31,920
5 Between 420,000 and 660,000 30 52,920
6 Between 660,000 and 960,000 35 85,920
7 More than 960,000 45 181,920
Social benefits in China are divided into two categories: Five mandatory social insurances – These include pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, and maternity insurance. Housing fund – The purpose of this is to allow employees to save money to buy a house in China.
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