Recruitment in China

Find and recruit top talent to grow your business

For a business owner, it is imperative to find the right talent to be part of your organization. However, finding the right candidate for your business in China may be difficult.

The recruitment of qualified talent is one of the main functions of every HR department, but hiring in China is a delicate process, especially when it comes to hiring managers and executives.

Our main focus is to help you to identify and select the best people for your company. Our expert team of recruiters has access to a large database of candidates working in different areas and industries in China, so that you will easily find the perfect employee for your company.

Our recruitment service covers all the industries: FMCG, High-tech, Internet/IT, Automation, Pharma, Biotech, Food & Beverage, Fintech, Consulting, and many more.

Large Candidate Database

We have access to a large talent database of candidates covering broad industries and functions.

Fast & Efficient Recruitment

Having a large pool of candidates, we can help your company to recruit the right one in a quick and efficient way.

All Major Industries Covered

Our service covers all industries in China: High-tech, Internet/IT, Automation, Food & Beverage, Logistics, and many more.

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How we help you to find candidates

Step 1
Understand your needs and create the job description (JD)

We discuss your recruitment needs with you, defining the job description and understanding more about your company's structure.

Step 2
Initial candidate search

Our recruiters will access our pool of candidates, professional platforms, and their network to find the best candidate for your position.

Step 3
Candidate shortlist

Our recruiter will conduct the first round of interview to shortlist the candidates. The candidate report is valid for any shortlisted candidate.

Step 4
Arrange interview between candidate and client

If the candidates pass the first round of interview, then we will organize, together with you, a second round of interview to evaluate their qualities and skills on a deeper level.

Step 5
Background check

We will help to run an education and employment background check for your candidate.

Step 6
Health check

For the successful candidate, we will also help to organize the health check.

Step 7
Negotiation of package and conditions

After you select the candidate for the position, we can support you to negotiate the salary package and other conditions to include in the contract.

Step 8
Follow up

We will follow up with you to know more about the performance of the employee during the probation period.

Ready to recruit your talent in China?

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