Hire Employees in Shenzhen

Hire & Manage Teams in Shenzhen

Shenzhen borders the banks of Hong Kong and is the second most populated city in Guangdong (after Guangzhou). Often referred to as the Silicone Valley of China, Shenzhen is the headquarter of the largest tech companies in China such as Huawei, Tencent and DJI. The city is the largest hub for technology, software and hardware in China.

Oversea companies wishing to hire freelancers or employees in Shenzhen can use HROne’s Employer of Record service to legally hire and provide Chinese benefits to their China-based team.

hire employees in Shenzhen

Employment made easy

1. Employees Onboarding

New employee signs private information authorization letter. HROne collects required material.

First payment (including deposit) invoiced & paid. HROne and new employee sign a labor contract.

New employee is loaded into the payroll system. Social insurance account, housing fund account & bank accounts are imported into system.

China employer of record
employer of record salaries in China

2. Monthly Processing

Communication of government policy changes (if any). Communication of payroll information and salary changes (if any).

Monthly invoice generated & settled. HROne transfers employee salaries & updates online payroll portal.

Social insurances, housing fund and income tax paid. Employee pay-slip and notification sent out.

3. Year End Processing

Work calendar for the coming year confirmed.

Annual salary report prepared, confirmed and reported to the government  HR authorities.

New government policies briefed (if any).

employer of record year end in China

Employee Benefits

Benefits China Pension Fund

Pension Fund

A mandatory salary percentage contribution that employees and employers must contribute to. The pension fund contribution amount  in China varies based on city of employment, but the employer generally pays a higher percentage.

Health Insurance

China requires that all employers provide basic health insurance coverage for emergency situations. An employer cost of roughly 2% of the employee’s salary is due as health insurance payment.

• Medical insurance
• Work injury insurance
• Maternity leave

China Health Insurance Benefit
China Housing Fund Benefit

Housing Fund

Employed Chinese citizens must also benefit from a housing fund contribution from their employer. To be used for housing purposes. The housing fund differs from other social securities as it is regarded as a personal fund rather than a pool fund.

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