Hire Remote Employees in China

We help your business to hire remote employees in China in a compliant way and without setting up a local company.

Hire Remote Employees in China

We help your business to hire remote employees in China in a compliant way and without setting up a local company.

We help you hire your remote team in China

If your firm is expanding or recruiting qualified personnel in China, hiring independent contractors rather than employees is one of your possibilities. This can be an appealing option for a variety of reasons, and it is a feasible approach for a firm to enter the Chinese market.

However, when hiring in China, there are several differences to consider, therefore before you choose a contractor instead of an employee, you have to ask yourself few questions and consider aspects like your business needs and employment laws.

This is because hiring remote employees in China is not as easy as it seems. Foreign companies actually would need a local entity to compliantly hire remote employees. Many times foreign companies skip this part and hire them illegally, risking to impact negatively their business operations in China.

The solution that foreign investors are now adopting is to use a local employer of record that can legally hire remote employees in China for the foreign company that doesn’t have a local entity.

That’s what we do at HROne. We help your company to find, onboard, and pay your remote employees, so that you will focus only on the business growth and the communication with them, while we take care of HR, payroll, and administration duties. In this way, your compliance with the Chinese law will be guaranteed. 

100% Local Compliance

Compliance in terms of payroll, social benefits, tax declaration is guaranteed with our local experts.

Streamline Payroll

Pay your entire team in one lump sum each month, and we'll make sure they're paid on time.

Focus on Business

You are able to focus on your business growth without having to spend time with HR and payroll requirements.

Our solution for remote employees includes:

We reduce your costs and risks of hiring contractors in China

With our Employer of Record solution we will manage your HR and payroll for your remote employees, so that you will only need to focus on your business operations and communication with your team.

You select your remote employees and draft a contract (salary and other benefits) for them.

We prepare a local contract adjusted to your offer and in compliance with China’s labor law.

We manage your employees’ HR, legal & administrative tasks on a monthly basis.

Ready to hire remote employees in China?

Why use an Employer of Record to hire remote employees in China?

In order to hire an employee in China, you must first establish a local company. As you manage local benefits, payroll, taxes, and compliance, this takes a long time, costs a lot of money, and produces continuing admin. If you fail to comply with local legislation, your company may face legal consequences.

With our employer of record solution, your team is engaged by our local legal entity. We handle the full local hiring process, including all compliance, payroll, and HR administration, while the employee works for you as part of your team.

Especially in the current situation in which is almost impossible to enter into China, using an employer of record is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require you to set up a local entity and reduce your business risks in China. 

In this way, hiring remote employees is easy, fast, and flexible:

  • We can hire both local and expatriate staff members.
  • There is no limit on how many staff we can hire on your behalf.
  • Staff can work from any location in China, or even be home-based. We can assist with providing a working office location if required.
  • We ensure that all employment is fully in line with current Chinese requirements and law.
  • We maintain legal responsibility for staff.
  • For domestic staff the hiring process can be as fast as a few days. Foreign staff will take longer as visa applications are necessary.

Trusted by International Leaders

“HROne is exceptionally professional and supportive, they understand the needs and requirements of global companies. They have the experience to deal with different scenarios experienced by companies entering China.”
Linyuan Gan
China Country Manager at Stefanini
“HROne is a great service organization that stays true to its company culture. They are always prompt and friendly when assisting clients. After years of cooperation with HROne, we are totally satisfied with their services.”
Enea Colombo
General Manager at Icona
“HROne has provided us with efficient, personalized account services for over a decade, since our company set foot in China. It has been a suitable organization, providing quality HR services customized to our needs.”
Paloma Meng
Chief Representative at Hostelworld
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