Employer of Record in China (aka PEO)

Hire teams and employees in China without having a local entity with our Employer of Record service. We focus on employment, HR, and payroll while you focus on your business growth in China.

Hire & pay employees easily with our EOR in China

HROne offers Employer of Record (EOR), also known as Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Our EOR solution is built for companies who need to hire local or foreign employees in China. Your employment, HR, administrative and legal matters are outsourced to HROne, allowing you to have a business presence in China without having a legal entity on the ground.

Easily hire staff

Find and hire talent with ease. Our onboarding procedure is simple and intuitive for you and your staff.

Secure your data

Our servers are in-house, offline, and managed by our team of dev ops and data security I.T. department.

Full Compliance

We make sure that all HR and payroll processes are 100% compliant with Chine employment laws.

Step 1: Recruitment

If needed, HROne can help find the perfect candidate for your business operations. The most qualified applicants are organized and sent your way so that you can choose who to interview.

We arrange the  interview with the selected candidates of your choice.

Step 2: Onboarding

We prepare a 3-way contract between your overseas entity , HROne and your new employee. Your new employee signs a local labor contract with HROne and joins our payroll system.

If your new employee is foreign, we apply for a Chinese work visa under our company.

Step 3: Payroll & Compliance

Your team in China is ready for business! We manage all payroll, insurance, benefits, expense claims, taxes and other HR related manners and compliance with the law while you take care of your business operations. 

Join hundreds of firms that use HROne to hire in China

To hire employees in China, you need a local entity and navigate payroll, benefits, taxes & employment laws… until now. With HROne, your company can operate in China without having to worry about these issues. Our China employer of record and PEO service can hire staff in China on your behalf & take care of all compliance related matters while you focus on your business.

Ready to hire your staff in China?

Rewarded by Clutch as one of the top B2B companies in China for the unrivaled solutions provided and dedication to our clients.

When a EOR in China is right for you

Companies handling ground operations

For companies that require to on-board local staff to handle ground operations (client meetings, sales support, supply management, etc) without setting up a Representative Office or a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE), a PEO solutions can save time and costs to start operating in the Chinese market

Companies testing the Chinese market

If you’re exploring how an expansion in China fits into your strategic plan but aren’t ready to take on the costs and risks of setting up an entity, we can help you “test the waters” in China. We can hire employees for you so you can evaluate the readiness of the Chinese market without making the investment needed to establish an entity.

Hire independent contractors

To hire an independent contractor in China, companies would need to set up a legal entity to be compliant and sign a labor contract with contractors. If companies do not consider these, the risks of being not compliant are very high. A PEO helps you to hire independent contractors without setting up a company in China and it takes care of all HR issues, including the labor contract.

Companies with a local entity

For companies that intend to register an entity in China but want to hire staff in the interim period before formal establishment, a PEO solution is perfect because you will not have to wait months before starting operating in China and you can actually start testing and conducting marketing and networking activities while you wait for the company to be established.

Hire your employees in China in a blink of an eye

Submit Inquiry

Fill in the form and briefly explain your employment outsourcing needs in China.


We will analyze your case and provide you with a feasibility study and quote.

Cost Simulation

Define your employees’ labor contracts: salary, bonus, annual leaves, etc.

Contract Signature

Sign service contract and start developing your business in China.

What our clients say

“HROne is exceptionally professional and supportive, they understand the needs and requirements of global companies. They have the experience to deal with different scenarios experienced by companies entering China.”
Linyuan Gan
Country Manager
“HROne is a great service organization that stays true to its company culture. They are always prompt and friendly when assisting clients. After years of cooperation with HROne, we are totally satisfied with their services.”
Enea Colombo
General Manager
“HROne has provided us with efficient, personalized account services for over a decade, since our company set foot in China. It has been a suitable organization, providing quality HR services customized to our needs.”
Paloma Meng
Chief Rep.

Frequently Asked Questions

A PEO is a perfect solution for foreign SMEs that want to easily start their business in China. This solution allows them to hire and pay employees compliantly and avoiding all the time-consuming processes to set up a company.

We are liable for your staff during their term of employment, sharing the risk of hiring employees with the client.

We completely manage the calculation, declaration, and submission of personnel taxes to local government authorities on behalf of you and your staff.

The standard procedure calls for a one-month notice period prior to the termination, while financial compensation includes one month’s salary per year of employment.

Our services handle both the hiring and termination procedures of employees according to local labor law, informing clients of the expenses incurred in carrying out the processes.

Local Chinese workers can be employed in one day, but timing ultimately depends on their professional situation and speed of correspondence. For foreign staff, the timing primarily depends on immigration procedures, such as the visa application and work permit approval processes.

No, your staff members can be employed and located anywhere in China. Their employment status will be recorded by the local bureau according to their location.

Not necessarily. Staff members can work remotely from home or another appropriate location if the employer is provided with corresponding residential addresses. However, we offer office space rentals upon request.

Yes, our PEO/employment solution can be used to hire both local and foreign staff.

No, it is not necessary to have a registered local entity to use our employment solutions. We hire employees on behalf of the client in compliance with local Chinese labor laws.

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