China Market Exit Solution

Close your legal entity in China, but maintain crucial employees & operations.

Transfer your company to PEO in China

Sometimes a legal entity can be more of a liability than anything else depending on your business. Using our PEO & Employment Outsourcing (Employer of Record) service, you can retain essential employees & operations in China during and after the closure of your Chinese legal entity.

Employee Transfer

Transferring selected employees contracts to HROne (Employer of Record).

Payroll Management

Full compliance with local employment laws (Payroll and Benefits)

Company Closure

Closing your tax account & De-registering your company in China.

Why transition to PEO?


Reduce Costs

Get rid of overhead costs: administrative, office, etc...


Legal Compliance

We know local legal and administrative procedures & ensure compliance.


Work Remotely

Set up an effective, legal & lightweight remote operation in China.

HR in China, made easy.

Hire the best talents in China. Let HROne find & screen the most suitable applicants and coordinate interviews with you.

Hire employees in China without a local entity. HROne handles your HR compliance & payroll so you can focus on your business.

Outsource your onboarding, payroll and mandatory benefits. View your payroll summary through our intuitive online portal.

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Webinar: Ways to start Businesses in China

  1. Using an Employer of Record in China
  2. Registering a company in China
  3. Using a combination of both

Time: November 29th @ 15:00 & @ 18:00 London Time