Close a Company in China

Downsize your operation in China

Whether you want to downsize your business or close your company in China altogether, we have best practice solutions in place to successfully cut costs and optionally retain essential staff.


Outsource your HR

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Outsource your HR, payroll and/or your accounting and compliance operations to us to streamline efficiency, remove employee turnover risk and cut costs. 

De-register your company

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Sometimes a legal entity can be more of a liability than anything else depending on your business. We offer the opportunity to retain essential employees after closing your company with our Employer of Record & company closure service package.

Ready to cut costs?

Hire employees in China

Hire a Team in China

Using an employer of record is today, the modern approach to global expansion. You can use our employer of record service to  hire, manage and expand your business in China.

Run Payroll & Benefits

Running payroll, tax & benefits is a must in China. Whether you have a WFOE, a JV or a representative office, our payroll service package can take the heavy lifting off of your back and streamline your HR.

Benefits China Pension Fund
Open a subsidiary

Open a Subsidiary

Ready to take the leap forward and register a legal entity in China? Our China market entry solution is perfect for companies looking to set up shop and do business in China in a clean and timely manner.

Cut Costs

Cutting costs can mean anything from downsizing, outsourcing and closing entire operations. Our services can offer a cost effective method of outsourcing your HR or retaining some of your employees in China after company closure.

cutting costs
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