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Foreign companies that want to start a business in China market must identify which legal and administrative requirements will be needed to operate their business activities in a safe legal environment in China. Previously, the common and traditional business expansion model was to set up a legal entity. However, as globalization increases, new expansion models are being utilized by foreign companies. The use of employment solutions to enter the Chinese market has increasingly become popular among foreign companies as it enables them to perform business in China without setting up a legal entity. Of course, it will depend on each business’ industry, activity, and legal needs.

HROne offers two different market entry packages to start a business in China:

China Market Entry Without a Legal Entity

Without a Legal Entity

1. Market Test Pack

China Market Entry With a Legal Entity

With a Legal Entity

2. Long-term Pack

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1. China Market Test Pack

For companies aiming to test China’s market before setting up a local company. While all legal, HR and administrative requirements are solved by HROne, your staff focuses on developing your business.

  • Labor contract signature

  • Monthly payroll

  • Staff visa processing

  • Personnel tax compliance

  • Statutory benefits compliance

  • Allowances & bonus

  • Medical insurance

  • Expense claim

Streamlined and easy setup

Start a business in China - Recruitment and Employer of record china PEO

2. China Long-term Market Entry Pack

For companies that want to start a business in China with long-term business plans and that wish to set-up a local company to be commercially active as soon as possible. HROne firstly hires your staff, enabling your employees to start developing your business. In the meanwhile, HROne manages your company formation procedure. Once this one is finished, HROne transfers all employment relationships to your new entity.

First stage

PEO / Employment Outsourcing

  • Monthly payroll

  • Staff visa processing

  • Personnel tax compliance

  • Statutory benefits & allowances

  • Medical insurance

  • Expense claim

Second stage

Company formation

  • Employment outsourcing continuation

  • Business license

  • Special certificates (if required)

  • Bank account

  • Required chops

  • Social insurance account

  • Housing fund account

  • Office space & business address

  • Invoicing

  • Company secretary

  • Employment transfer to new entity

Third stage

Add-on services

  • Payroll & tax management

  • Statutory benefits management

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Tax filling

  • Visa renewals

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