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Entities not in China

  • No Chinese entity but need a Chinese team (sales, aftersales, purchasing/sourcing, QA/QC, software engineer, market researcher, consultant, R&D, etc.)
  • Need a Chinese team to start the Chinese business before the entity is set up
  • Close Chinese business but want to keep a Chinese team
  • Any other reasons to keep a Chinese team without setting up a local entity
  • HROne EOR service is the right solution for you.

Representative Offices

A Rep Office in China is not allowed to hire employees. So you need a foreign enterprises service corporation (FESCo) like HROne to hire employees for you. HROne is one of the very few non-state-owned companies who are fully licensed to provide the service in China.

Pre-registered Companies

To start a business in China, you need a task force in China for the pre-opening. But in this stage, you don’t have a Chinese entity. How to hire, pay and manage the team before the entity setting up? HROne EOR service is one of the good solutions for you.

Closing Companies

When a company decides to close its Chinese business, sometimes it still wants to keep part of the Chinese team. In this situation, in the absence of a legal entity in China, HROne can be the local employer and enable the client keep the Chinese team. 

Law Firms

Due to the restriction from the Chinese policy, most of the international law firms run the Chinese business with setting up a local representative office. We are one of the very few non-state-owned companies who are fully licensed to hire the employees for such law firms in China. Our EOR service can help your law firm to hire employees compliantly.

Some other law firms may setup a small or middle size consulting firm to run the business. A PEO service is more proper for such firms.

In many cases, law firms are required to take care of the ER cases. Since we are not only familiar with labor related laws, but also have a lot of experience in HR practices, a partnership with us can be beneficial for your business operation in China. Our Corporate HR Legal Advisory service can help you.

We know some of the law firms provide incorporation service to their clients. Our China Market Entry solution covers the full lifecycle of starting a business in China. Partnership with us is an easy way for law firms to deal with the incorporation service. Our China Market Entry solution will help you to start a business in China.

Sometimes, law firms are expected to recommend a reputable payroll company. We have much experience to work with partners and support international firms. Compare with other payroll companies, HROne is known as fully compliance and high-level data security.

Blockchain Companies

Cryptocurrency companies are restricted in China. Despite this, China remains one of the leading countries in Blockchain research & development with some of the best blockchain engineers on Earth. How can blockchain companies hire talent in China without a local entity? HROne’s EOR service is a perfect solution for these projects.

Small & Medium
Size Organizations

It’s not productive for a small or middle size organization to keep HR on its own. This is because:

  • For a small HR team is very difficult to accurately manage the complexity of payroll and mandatory contribution processing-related policies.
  • It’s not efficient for a small or middle size organization to invest in payroll system.
  • HR team turnover may impact day-to-day operations.
  • So, a better and easier way is outsourcing your payroll and mandatory contribution to a professional PEO company like HROne.
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